Spotlight Saturday - Brooke Azevedo


Name:  Brooke Ellen Photography

Email: Brooke@BrookeEllenPhotography    


Contact Info: 413-949-6370

What is one piece of advice you would offer a bride or groom? Don't stress the small stuff!  Just have fun, even if you get some cake on your face, even if it rains; at the end of the day you will be MARRIED to the love of your life!  Take time to enjoy the day, soak in the outpouring of love from your family in friends.  You have worked for this day, dreamed of this day; now enjoy this day :) 

What’s the biggest mistake or issue that you see clients make?  Honestly, having a friend take your wedding pictures!  It always sounds like such a great deal, but in the end it isn't.  Long after the cake is eaten, and your wedding dressed is preserved; your pictures will be what you have to remember your day.  Your wedding images will be your first family heirloom, something that can be passed down through generations.  It is always worth hiring a professional!  

What would be a dream project for you? I would love to capture a wedding in Paris.  My husband and I traveled there for a vacation a few years ago and I have been enthralled with Paris ever since.  I love the Parisian culture and the architecture is some of the most beautiful in the world.  What better place would there be to celebrate the most romantic day of your life!?

What is something you do that most people don’t realize or know? Your wedding day is just a small percentage of my work.  I spend countless hours beforehand answering emails, coordinating with your vendors, working on your timeline and shot list.  Afterwards, I work on editing your images, publishing your gallery, creating your wedding album.  So many behind the scenes hours go into your wedding photography!

Do you have a favorite something? Be still my heart... My favorite photograph that I have ever captured is this image.  My cousin dancing with her dad on her wedding day.  He had weeks to live, stage four liver cancer; and he walked his daughter down the aisle, he got the chance to dance their last dance together.  And I got the privilege to capture those intimate moments.  This is one of those photos that takes my breath away, not because it is the most beautiful wedding photograph ever pictured but because it is real.  The emotions, the precious moments now live on.

Dearest Readers - Please heed Brooke's advice! Take the extra few dollars you have and invest them into your photographer. It is the most invaluable piece of your day. Those images, those moments, and all those special somethings that they capture will never see the light if you don't invest! Purchase the albums, canvases, and all the fun additions after your wedding when you recoup some of those funds. Up front - invest - and yes I truly mean invest. It's not a service you're paying for, but rather the one thing you'll look back on everyday for the rest of your life. Whether it's Brooke or anyone else, be sure you love them and their style. You cannot recreate your wedding - so be sure to have someone who meshes well with you as a couple. Brooke's pretty amazing - so start your search here!