Spotlight Saturday - Jeweled Bouquets!

Name: Jeweled Bouquets


Contact Info: 860.961.9478             

What is one piece of advice you would offer a bride or groom? It’s one of the biggest days you’ll ever have in your life. Make sure you remind yourself why you’re having a wedding in the first place. Take the time to cherish the process and the day of your wedding make sure you stop for a minute to take it all in and see how the big day came together.

What’s the biggest mistake or issue that you see clients make? It’s your wedding day, most of you won’t know how to put a wedding together and why would you? Don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you out or look to your vendors for advice. This is why they’re in this industry! Make sure to collect pictures of the stuff that catches your eye but also keep in mind to be realistic if you have a budget. Maybe they can come up with something the same but in another way.

What would be a dream project for you? To do Lady Gaga’s wedding! Haha I can only imagine what she would come up with and I love to be innovative.

What is something you do that most people don’t realize or know? With my bouquets, I include customized metal brooches. They are created by hand which always the flexibility to really match the different colors my customers choose. 

Do you have a favorite something? Feel free to share with us your favorite venue or location, a special moment that confirmed why you love what you do, or you can share a photo you’ve shot that still makes you smile/takes your breath away, a cake you’ve built, a bouquet that was a stunner. Anything! I attached a picture of a bouquet that most brides love. J

Anything else you want to share? My grandmother had a love for brooches and used to take me antique shopping with her. She taught me that each brooch has a story and this is a great way to share a couples story for years to come.

We cannot stress how much we love Danielle's bouquets. Flowers are timeless and can be dried and saved for later, but there's nothing quite like her special sparkly bouquets. They'll last forever and are super low maintenance and will travel well should you ever move. This is also a great alternative for boutonnieres and cake toppers. Seriously look at this stunner - how gorgeous are they?