Don't be Mariah Carey... Be a Planner

2017 started off poorly for Mariah Carey (as well as some other folks) - hopefully yours started off with someone down on a knee and a gorgeous ring in a box. But for Mariah.... It wasn't so much that she came unprepared, but sadly her staff did. The moment that was captured in front of millions was because no one did a pre-check. A critical and necessary step for anything that's live and without the possibility of editing...


Which brings me to my point. Mariah Carey is not a planner. She did not get up on stage feeling comfortable or prepared. Yes, she certainly has talent and yes, she certainly handled it about as well as anyone could have... but why did it even need to happen? Because no pre-check was done - no one tested the mics, no one even bothered to test her battery pack before she got on stage. Why? Because her team let her down.

You can spend hours upon hours hiring the best of the best... but if we fail to do our jobs, that leaves a big hole! Your wedding day shouldn't be spent wondering if the vendors will know to plan for extra time for traffic, or worrying the cake will be left out on a hot day, or if your centerpieces are just the way you want them. You shouldn't be walking down the aisle wondering if the venue remembered to add extra guest meals or accounted for Uncle Pete being a vegan. Your reception also shouldn't be spent tackling "Oops moments" like the electricity going out in a tent, your bar running out of ice, a heel ripped off a guests shoe, or red wine dropped down the back of your dress (yes, we've actually tackled that one!) It should be as stress free as possible. It should be worrying if your mascara is going to run because you're so happy and you can stop the happy tears! It should be giggles and smiles as they announce the newly married couple! It should be bliss, not chaos.

Whether it's you or a professional like us, come prepared. Do the extra steps. Go the extra mile. You only get one shot - it's a live production that requires a lot of work and prep! Test that microphone, make sure there's spare batteries, ensure there's a back up plan!!! In other words... hire a planner, if you can't be one. And even if you are.... let a professional do the worrying on your big day. No one wants you to be Mariah on New Year's Eve.... not even Mariah.