Birchwoods at Oak Lane - Randi & Yolie

Sometimes you meet someone who's personality absolutely fills a room with sunshine and warmth. Randi embodies this completely. It is absolutely impossible not to feel welcome and at home whenever you are around her. Waves of laughter fill the room and smiles linger on people's faces. It was such an absolute honor to be a part of her special day with her partner Yolie. It was also a delight to be one of the first weddings at Birchwoods at Oak Lane in Woodbridge, CT. Their view is reminiscent of a west coast veranda looking over the skyline and the staff there make you feel like a million dollars. 

Their bridal party was fierce and wonderfully loyal to the couple. All day there was an air of support and love for the union that was about to take place. Little details were carefully considered, from the ring box, to the smudging that was done during the ceremony, to the simple color earthy color scheme.

Also, as a personal note: Beet and Blossom shot this wedding. They're attention to detail and laid back approach to their photography is unlike anyone else's. I cannot recommend them enough. The proof is in the pudding... (or in this case, the gorgeous photos below!) Duane Wuane, owner of Lights, Camera, DJs, also got the crowd off their feet all night. They're our favorite and most highly recommend DJ company. If you're on the fence about yours or haven't made a selection yet - you won't be remiss in hiring them.