The average couple spends between $30-$40,000 on their wedding. Of that, 40-60% is spent on the venue alone. Here are some typical breakdowns for budgets and some tips and tricks to save you money!

Planning - 5-15%

This is not necessary at all venues, but as our motto states - we don't just provide planning, we also provide peace of mind. If you aren't looking forward to coordinating vendors arriving at the venue and asking you a million and a half questions on your wedding day - then hire a planner. We offer packages for Month To Day Of all the way out to Full Service Planning. If you aren't sure if it's within your budget, inquire anyways. Sometimes we can offer you a great discount if the timing is right!

Venue rental, site fees & food costs - 40-60%

This should not exceed more than 60% of your budget, even less if you are working with a budget smaller than the average! Considering options outside of the box can help to reduce this percentage. We can help you find an alternative venue or food options that best fit your budget. Whether it's $5,000 or $500,000, we'll help you get the best bang for your buck!

***We have a huge network of venues that we can put you in touch with for best pricing and special seasonal discounts. We also learn about new venues before potential engaged couples, so inquire today!


Without having an excellent photographer, you are left with very little to remember your day by. This is the number one area we encourage our couples to spend their money. A typical photographer in CT can ranges from $250-$400/hour or more. There are so many different styles and types of photography that you want to make sure they're a right fit for you!

***Also, purchase your albums after the wedding when you have recovered some of the costs of the wedding. This ensures that you like the end result of the photos and you won't be locked into buying a photo album full of horrible looking shots!

transportation - 5-10% (a mostly avoidable cost)

If you have a super small budget and can avoid hiring a limo or transport, it'll be worth it. Limos cost on average $600-$800 for 2-3 hours (plus gratuity and tax!) If you're looking for inexpensive transport, consider hiring a local bus service like Dattco or The Yellow Bus Company. Both provide off-duty licensed bus drivers who work for a small fee.

***Considering an antique car? You'll likely have to pay additional insurance fees of up to $250. They also start at $400-$700/hour on average - plus tax and gratuity! It's an expense that can eat up your budget quick!

attire - 5-10%

Don't be fooled into thinking your only option is the giant discount bridal store. Many local and small shops can greatly discount dresses and often run very deep discounts at certain times of the year. We have a whole collection of shops who run "Black Friday" deals where designer gowns priced between $600-$1800 are discounted down to $99-$500! If you plan ahead, you can save tons of money! Don't forget about alterations - they can run a few hundred dollars as well! So saving on your dress can make a huge difference between keeping your budget and blowing it out of the water completely!


Entertainment - 10%

DJ are the least expensive option (aside from a playlist on an iPod). You should be able to get 4 hours for about $1,000-$1,500. If you require them for the ceremony, expect that to increase. Live bands are more expensive and require more room, more meals, and more overall everything. Be aware of what you're getting yourself into and be sure they can read a crowd properly! 

invitations & Paper goods - 1-2%

This is the most crucial area. You can save significant money here by having a design made on Etsy and printing them out through VistaPrint or Staples. Use our services and we can save you an additional 25% or more! Don't forget that most people jot down the info from the invitation before tossing it. Invest money in wiser places!

Florists - 5-10%

Stay seasonal! Don't get stuck on Pinterest and become obsessed with anemones (which are sensitive to light and look wilted in the dark!) They're also incredibly expensive. Opt for flowers that are simplified or ask what's seasonal and be okay with something looking "similar" to your vision rather than "exactly" as shown.