When should I book a planner?

Ideally, we want to be booked as early as possible. Our Partial & Full Service Planning packages include researching a ton of vendors and finding out who best matches with your budget, as well as has a great reputation and rave reviews. We also negotiate for great discounts, incentives, or special requirements you may need/want. More often than not, we help save our couples thousands! You're budget is our greatest concern and want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

If you've booked all your vendors, then give us a call whenever you're ready to hand it over. The earlier the better, as we book up quickly too! The earlier we have the information, the better we can serve you! It gives us time to review everything with you and then make sure all the speed bumps are ironed out well in advance. Ideally we recommend no less than 8 weeks, but we can make most timelines work.

What makes you so invaluable?

Imagine walking down the aisle and wondering if your cake arrived on time, or if your vendors knew to allot for extra time for traffic or construction, or freaking out because you don't know if you remembered your wedding license for your officiant to sign. No one should have to spend their wedding day freaking out or worrying about anything; more importantly, your family, bridal party, and guests shouldn't have to stress out either. Our job exceeds the typical standards of just making sure everyone is on time and down the aisle. We ensure little details like electricity capacity are considered. Our job also includes bustling dresses, pinning flowers on the guys, making sure that super big rental truck can fit down your roads and into your driveway (as well as not run over any septic tanks or leech fields!), and ensuring that when you walk down the aisle the only thought you have is whether or not your waterproof mascara might run (it won't - for the record!)

Our motto is Planning. Precision. Peace of Mind. That's our number one goal for you and your wedding day.

I also have 7 years of experience. Our company opened in 2010 and we've done over 250 weddings since then. In that time, we've also only had 5 rainy days (so we're pretty good luck charms too!) My degree is in Psychology and I have nearly 7 years of corporate and event planning experience beyond my wedding planning experience. This makes me well prepared to tackle venues of all shapes and sizes - whether it's a factory, brewery, big box venue, backyard, estate, forest or random prairie or meadow in your town.

What's your specialty?

Out of the box is our wheel house. We LOVE unconventional spaces. Your backyard (or your parents or grandparents) is more personal than any other place in the world. Our weddings have spanned across truly unique spaces - breweries, factories, on boats, direct beach front, estates, mansions, local farms, camp sites, and more! Got somewhere truly unique? Let us know! We'd love to help!

My venue has a coordinator. Do I still need to hire a planner?

Venue coordinators focus on just that - the VENUE. (The same goes for the DJ that says he does coordination too.) That's not to say they won't be attentive to you on the day of, but they won't do all the pre-coordination work we will. They won't be the one to tell your vendors about traffic, loading docks, layouts, timelines or any of those finer details. They're also not going to have back ups should someone get hurt or have an emergency come up. Your needs won't necessarily be their focus either. They'll make sure your food comes out on time, but they won't handle a rowdy DJ or prepping your photographer for the cake cutting or first dances. We make sure your dress is as it should be in photos, that your properly hydrated, and that YOU BOTH actually get to eat. We're also there to handle all the changing logistics. If you want an extra 10 minutes for something, we make sure that it gets communicated effectively so that it can happen with ease.  

Do you work with LGBT couples?

Don't be fooled by our name! We believe in love in all its forms and are more than happy to help. If you're still not sold - give us a call and we can discuss your particular needs :)

I have a super tiny budget, but want to have a stress free day. Can you work with me?

Yes, absolutely yes. We work with budgets of all sizes. Let us know what you're working with and we'll let you know what we can accommodate. We're especially flexible if it's an unconventional space or if you're going somewhere super fun! We look forward to making sure your day is as special as it should be.