At Accessory to the Bride, we provide something you can't just pick up a store - peace of mind! For couples who have planned out their day but would rather spend their day focusing on each other than on all the finer details (or being pestered by vendors and venue people!) - we recommend this solution!


  • Initial Consultation where we will review as much of the details as possible, create a timeline, and get things in order!
  • Creation of a Master Timeline that will be distributed to all of your vendors
  • Liaise with your vendors to ensure that all hiccups, speed bumps, and "oops!" are handled well in advance of the actual day. We serve as your gatekeeper for those weeks prior to the wedding so no one unnecessarily ruffles feathers!


  • Coordination of rehearsal (if you have one!) [Generally an hour]
  • Final review of Master Timeline and confirmation of all details
  • Secondary review with all vendors to confirm changes, last minute details, etc.


  • Set-up of decor details such as guest book, favors, special linens, centerpieces, programs, menus, ceremony items, and anything else (so long as it's within safe reaching distance!)
  • Tackling the Master Timeline inclusive of the following:
    • Vendor arrivals and departures
    • Ceremony coordination - from the officiate to the bridal party to the guests
    • Assist photographer with photos
    • Ensure bridal party stays on track throughout the day
    • Catering & overall timing of food, cake, and other items
    • Coordinating entrances, speeches, toasts, dances, special traditions, etc.
  • Serve as main point of contact for all vendors so you can enjoy every minute of being a newlywed!
  • Attend to the couple and bridal party to ensure timing is kept and overall stress is kept to a minimum
  • Distribution of final payments to all vendors (if needed)

Most importantly, we keep our handy emergency kit on us at all times.

This includes items like chapstick, deodorant, a sewing kit, a tiny lint roller, and super secret items that help ensure everyone has a relaxed and stress-free day. And no, it's not a fanny pack, but don't think we didn't consider it!

Total hours on site depends on you. We're available for as few as 6 hours or as many as you need above that. We've done weddings that take place over 3 days, and ones that take place on 3 different islands. We love a good challenge!

We understand that every wedding is unique, as are our clients. We are more than happy to customize a quote specific to your needs. Each and every location brings it's own unique... requirements, so what may be a fit for one is not a fit for all.