From NYC inspired romance to tented affairs at a childhood home, here's a sampling of our favorite moments over the years.

Allen Tree Hill Farm, Brooklyn, CT

There are certain couples you meet that you just can't help but to feel absolutely enamored with. Both Amanda and Cam had infectious smiles and warmth that just radiated from them. Laura Jean Photography did an amazing job in capturing all the details of their day; from the gorgeous view to the stunning florals, everything was absolutely perfect.

Estate Wedding, Sag Harbor, NY

John and Liz are the epitome of two people living in the wrong era. Their entire wedding was toned like the 40s from the decor to the way everyone walked and talked. The estate was rained out the entire day but that didn't deter the couple at all. The property offered lots of opportunities for laughter, fun moments, and stunning shots from just about every nook and cranny. These two need nothing more than each other to have a good time and the photos only confirm it!

Fenwick Island, Old Saybrook, CT

An awe inspiring woman found us because she believed in sourcing everyone locally for her special event. This special couple was celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary and 40th Birthday's. It was the States meet the UK all donned in white. Splashes of amazing color were centered under a coral and teal touched tent. An amazing DJ was flown in and not a single decadent thing was spared - even the weather was true perfection, and this couple truly deserved it. I look forward to working with them on their 20th anniversary and 50th birthdays and everyone after.

Jefferson Gardens, Manhattan, NY

This couple went above and beyond planning every single detail. Their ceremony took place in Jefferson Gardens - a gorgeous garden space smack dab in the middle of the bustling and energetic center of Manhattan. Taxi horns and neighbors calling out amongst themselves took place alongside their personalized and incredibly moving vows. It was an incredible affair with luscious food and finished off with a waffle truck that was out of this world amazing.

Webb Barn, CT

This dreamy wedding has always been one of our favorites. From the draped glass bulbs across the barn beams to the wildflowers grown just for their centerpieces; each and every detail was thought out to represent the relationship of this incredibly special and loving couple. The bride and groom are an amazing pair. Her inspired knee length gown covered in layers of gorgeous lace was accented perfectly against the barn and gardens. Her bridesmaids stood proudly next to her and the groomsmen were cheeky with the most genuine of hearts. From two doe-eyed and wonderfully curious flower girls to a weepy eyed best man - everyone went home with smiles. The night finished with an explosive version of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and I'll never hear the song without thinking of them first. We know their love is definitely the forever kind!

Yacht Side, Milford, CT

Jenn and Rob are just a super fun, energetic couple who wanted nothing more than to have a good time. Their focus was on making sure everyone enjoyed themselves and that their love be a celebration from start to finish. The music rocked all night and the view was nothing short of unforgettable. The gorgeous bride wore a lace gown and the bridesmaids wore Gatsby inspired gowns with detailed sequin work. The guys wore linen pants and white shirts that screamed beach ready. Haystacks adorned their ceremony space that later served as a viewing area for the gorgeous sunset that closed out the night. The candy bar was a great hit too!

Beachside Bums, Milford, CT

This wedding perfectly married East and West. From the clam bake to the tea ceremony, there wasn't a single thing this event lacked in style and comfort. Gents wore linen tops and pants, topped off with jazzy gray Sperry's. The ladies wore gorgeous blue gowns that only further accented the ocean theme. The couple even held a tea ceremony to pay respect to their amazing families that brought them together. We know they'll be sitting beachside for many years to come, holding hands and smiling.

Branford House, Groton, CT

This particular couple are very near and dear to us. They've been with us since the start and put together a day that was jazzy, elegant, and family focused. From the church with some of the most heartfelt prayers to the amazing decor inside the already stunning Branford House - it was hard not to find yourself smiling from ear to ear as you watched these two families come together. The couple made sure to put a heavy focus on coming together and spent all day adoring and fawning over one another. The pictures, I'm sure, speak for themselves.