Please take the time to fully answer this questionnaire. About 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, I will need an exhaustive list of all vendors, whether they receive meals, and contact details for them. The template is linked below the questionnaire, but if you already have a document you are using, you can send that along instead. There's no need to do double work! If you have it sooner, send it along! It makes my job so much easier if I have it even earlier in advance!

Name *
Vendors Booked *
Only choose those that apply to you!
Vendors To Be Booked *
Only choose those you plan to book!
We deal with divorced families, multi-cultural events, and conflicts of all types. The more you can tell us now the better prepped we will be on the big day to make sure everyone is happy!
Money dance? Sand ceremony? Tributes to relatives? Give us the deets!
Is anyone allergic to anything? Does anyone attending have other special food allowances needing to be made? Is alcohol going to be an issue for anyone (even if it's just someone expecting)? Have permits been pulled? Neighbors been alerted of your wedding? Insurance been purchased? Aside from the above, is there anything we should be aware of or any concerns I can help address? My #1 goal is your peace of mind - so don't be shy! If it's too much to put in a text box just write "We should talk" or something along those lines and I'll set up a call.

Below is the download link for the Vendor Contact List. You can add, change, adjust, tweak this to whatever serves you best. Once it's completed, feel free to email it directly to me at Thanks!!!